Hurricane on two wheels – swing, speed and land with the HILL -DOG !

This ain’t wood, this ain’t leg-swinging toy for children, this ain’t traditional, this is something different! It is a 21. century finetuned, professionally built and state-of-the art vehicle, the scooter of modern mankind: HILL DOG. Just like downhill bikes these scooters have shock absorbers and thus riding them down the slopes is really cool. Excellent tour possibilities on an individual basis down the most beautiful slopes of Buda mountains. Coming back to the Base individually.  Best option is to take the Guiness record holder Children's Railway - great nostalgic rides on the scout operated train. Timetable, fares here.
Protective gear, refreshments (water/hot tea) included!
Minimum age: 12. Maximum weight: 130 kg.
Rental fees:
Half a day (3 hours): 19 EUR /HD
Tour guide: 20 EUR/hour
Full day (6 hours): 30 EUR /HD Tour guide: 20 EUR/hour

Beginning with April 1st, 2018 there is an environment and insurance fee (extreme sports) of 4 EURO/person/day  IT IS COMPULSORY AND VALID FOR ALL OUR PROGRAMMES ON THE DAY COVERED!