If you got the thrill of Predator, if you were a team member in Expendables, perhaps you are better than all of them: now you can try yourself. At Normafa a special 21st century high-tech strategic game is waiting for you: a dynamic laser project, real 3D, real feel, real sounds where you are in the focus. Teams and families can play with the programmable weapons (4-50 people). Real role-plays, „get the flag” strategic actions or any combination you can imagine... Playtime: from 30 minutes to all day.
Protective gear, refreshments (water/hot tea) included! Minimum age: 12.
Price: 12 EUR/weapon (for 2 hours)
Game master: 15 EUR/hour

For booking a game please e-mail or call well in advance (2-4 days)!

Beginning with April 1st, 2018 there is an environment and insurance fee (extreme sports) of 4 EURO/person/day  IT IS COMPULSORY AND VALID FOR ALL OUR PROGRAMMES ON THE DAY COVERED!

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