It does not really matter which set of skills we are talking about – keeping them “trained” and up-to-date or perhaps developing them is indeed out of any questions. We offer over 300 different kinds of programmes blended into a proven successful training “cocktail”.

Our experience is that classical training programmes get more dynamic, more efficient and – nonetheless – acceptance by people reaches much higher levels if high-tech experiences are nicely mixed into those.

The programme structure we tested and developed is getting more-and-more of positive feed-back. The unique and stable construction contains traditional organisation and skills development modules plus high-tech experience elements and a very popular CSR module. Thus the programme can be easily fine-tuned in the direction you need the most: be that training, skills or organisation development, team building or common experience.

A typical one-day programme consists of skills development modules (according to the needs formulated) with the timeline eased by one premium high-tech experience and/or go outdoors element(s). Following the trends of showing corporate social responsibility  we also offer CSR modules within which your company can take part in noble projects such as building a pick-nick place or the country's first creek playground.

The skills development modules focus on management skills, communication skills, presentation skills, conflict management, sales and negotiation skills, personal awareness and efficiency, assertive behaviour, team reinforcement and team building just to name a few.

In the premium high-tech module we run off-road segway tours and shredder sessions, the go outdoors unit contains possibilities like down-hill rides on monster rollers, mountain carts, hill dogs, mountain bikes, touring on e-bikes, hiking, Nordic walking, winecachig, geocaching, and so on...

An easy-to-follow pricing for the aforementioned programmes is contained in the table below:

Prices (HUF/person)*

30-40 people

41-60 people

61-80 people

81-120 people

121-300 people

Half a day programme

2-4 hours, 2-4 modules

10.999 HUF

8.999 HUF

7.999 HUF

6.999 HUF

5.999 HUF

One day programme

5-8 hours, 3-6 modules

11.999 HUF

10.999 HUF

9.999 HUF

8.999 HUF

7.999 HUF

*For groups of fewer than 30 people individual pricing is applied. Prices may vary depending on the specific features of the programme.

Our programmes are run in English and Hungarian! 
Ask for the programme specially tailored to your specific needs: