Better prices on accommodation available for our customers buying our services. 

Panoráma Panzió - Sástó: no catering from 5.200 Ft/person
Tornyos Panzió** - Mátrafüred: half board from 5.999 Ft/person
Mátrafüredi és Mátraházai Akadémiai Üdülõ: with breakfast from 6.299 Ft /person
Mátra Vitál Hotel*** - Mátrafüred: no catering from 6.499 Ft/person
Sziluett Borhotel*** - Farkasmály: half board from 6.999 Ft/person
Erzsébet Park Hotel*** - Parádfürdõ: half board from 7.999-9.999 Ft/person
Hotel Opál***Superior - Gyöngyös: half board from 8.899 Ft/person
Hotel Anna ***Superior – Mátrafüred: half board from 8.500 Ft/ person
Hotel Narád & Park**** - Mátraszentimre: half board from 10.999 Ft /person
Lifestyle Hotel Mátra****Superior - Mátraháza: half board from 15.999-18.999 Ft/person
Residence Ózon****Superior - Mátraháza: half board from 15.999-18.999 Ft/person

The prices above are informative and do not include tourism taxes and other special services which are to be paid separately.  If you see two prices the lower one refers to the period between Sunday and Thursday, the higher one to Friday and Saturday.  The prices are for standard double bed rooms and are only valid for our customers!

Let us help you with your accommodation booking – just e-mail us times, number of people and the hotel desired and we will take care of the rest: