New flavours in gastronomy - 4 Évszak - Palóc Bistorant

Those visiting Mátrafüred can from now on try not only our extreme-sports arsenal but also some traditional Mátra flavours. At the High-Tech Sports Base we decided to convey some genuine culinary experience for those visiting us and thus we are opening a highife restaurant in the new base. The highest quality kitchen in the background plus our master cooks will guarantee top level catering service.

Our new unit is ready to serve groups of all sizes between 20 and 300 people – families, pairs, friends, companies, etc. - and if you book in advance even a fixed menu approach is available.

What we offer is traditionally Hungarian cuisine with a special focus on Mátra specifics. 

The sublimity of our mountain carries a colourful and harmonic world of flavours within.  Whichever traditional or more modern approach you name – fireplace dishes, clay bowl specialities, exciting blend of mountain flavours, simple foods of more sophisticated ones – at our place not only the tired tourist but also the high-expectancy gourmand will find high-quality gastronomic satisfaction.

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